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Monday, January 03, 2005
  Tallahassee Democrat | 12/13/2004 | Plagiarism is a rat in the corner of the brain

In a letter to the Tallahassee Democrat published on December 13, Jeremiah McDonnell says,
as someone who wrangles college students through a term paper each month, the matter of plagiarism does sit like a dead rat in the corner of my mind. I would love to pretend it's not there, but it is my job to point out plagiarism and pronounce, "Eeeeeww!"

He has some good points in his letter, although I think ones sources ought to be cited in essays as well as term papers, while Mr McDonnell seems to cut students a little more slack on the essays.
I agree with his central point, though:
As for giving credit where credit is due, I like to think of the student's works-cited list as a place to show gratitude.

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